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Votto is a software company that has developed an innovative technology dedicated to solve the problem of privacy in global communications with solutions based on blockchain technology. Where did the technology come from? Technology is born as the result of the need found in the modern internet ecosystem.
Technology is born as the result of the need found in the modern internet ecosystem,
Our technology can be useful to all people and institutions that wish to integrate an encryption system to their communications
It comes from the Greek meaning "Integrate."
- Create a system that allows to encrypt the communications between 2 or more points whatever they want to be within a network. - Allow the creation of hierarchical structures that are invulnerable to external agents, but that are flexible in all aspects. - To be a bridge between two devices that operates in different languages.
All our technology is based on the blockchain, that is, the encryption protocols, based on a system of distributed nodes.
It is usually immediate but may take up to 1 hour.
If you forget your access key to the node without having made any backup of your key, it will be impossible to access the information that is encrypted.
The user only has 15 minutes MAXIMUM to transfer the funds.
In most cases they will be credited to the account for the total value of the shipment made but Votto is not responsible for the surplus sent or its subsequent return.
The systems only allow you to have an account for each user and their respective mail
Once registered you cannot edit the following data First name Email Wallet address
This is due to security reasons; if necessary for reasons of force majeure please contact our customer service to review your case.
No, LABERUS Waves works only with those nodes that are synchronized with each other or that work with LABERUS Vortex.
Can a master node make any node submissive? No, a node must be previously configured as a worker node of a master node and the security options must be configured.
Yes, your information is not shown to any user with the exception of your public key that at the same time works as your identifier within the network.