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About Votto

Votto is a technology company dedicated to offering products based on the blockchain focused on solving security needs in the Internet of Things (IoT) network.

Organizational Controls

Hierarchical interaction of nodes.


In the transfer of data through asymmetric encryption..

Data transmission

From node to node in a distributed private network regardless of data type or size


In different programming languages for platform integration

Brain Net

For the hiring of high-end freelancer specialized in blockchain development.


Simple but powerful, allows easy and quick management of your balance as well as sending encrypted messages to nodes.

Laberus Technology

LABERUS technology LABERUS is a state-of-the-art technology that allows companies and individuals to solve the problem of secure and private communications, making it possible for information to travel from one point to another in a completely protected way, offering a solution to the problems related to the communication between devices (IoT), allows the development of a hierarchical organization of the nodes, operating with blockchain cryptography as the main core of our security.

Why Votto ?

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Our LABERUS technology is always supported by a team of programmers who ensure the continuity of the service at all times.

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At Votto, every day we work to improve our products, to provide the best service and give the most appropriate solution to the needs of our customers.

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All communications from the Gateway are encrypted by double-key encryption (asymmetric encryption) ensuring that no one other than you and whoever you designate have access to such information.

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Our technology is not only designed to facilitate integration with different functional systems, but also to offer a wide variety of configuration options.

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Solution to Companies

Thanks to our technology, companies can create hierarchical levels of nodes.

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Solution to the IoT

Ideal for devices such as "things", allowing the communication of these devices in an encrypted way with a system that controls them or gives them orders.


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